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May 15, 2020

Building Immune Health Habits

Comprised of a group of cells, tissues and organs, our immune system defends the body from various viral and bacterial infections. To keep your immune system strong, it’s essential to eat a healthy diet, exercise, get sufficient sleep and maintain spinal health.

So why do we get sick?

Stress. Traumas, thoughts, toxins and technology all can contribute to stress, which can cause the immune system to have to work harder to protect the body against threats to health. Severe stress can compromise the immune system, which could lead to serious health conditions.

Insufficient exercise. Maybe you sit all day at your desk and then sit some more on your sofa watching television. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, your body’s immune system won’t perform optimally.

Lack of sleep. Perhaps you’re a night owl and think you can get by on little sleep. Running up a sleep deficit could set you up for sickness.

Improper nutrition. According to some estimates, a poor diet, particularly when combined with lack of exercise, may be responsible for killing between 310,000 and 580,000 Americans annually.

The Power of the Chiropractic Adjustment

According to research, adjustments can substantially boost the immune system—up to 200-500%! The key, however, is regular adjustments. Take a proactive approach versus waiting until you are already sick.

Did you know that the number one thing you can do to keep your immune system strong and healthy is to get regular chiropractic adjustments?

Seeing a chiropractor regularly can make a big difference in the life of your immune system. It is thought that keeping the spine in proper alignment allows all parts and systems in the body to function more efficiently. Since the spine is part of the central nervous system, keeping it aligned allows messages to travel amongst the body freely. In a recent study, besides benefits like pain reduction and a greater range of motion, patients also claimed to be in better overall shape, largely due to the immune system’s ability to keep illness and sickness away.

To receive chiropractic care, and to potentially give your immune system a jump start, talk to Dr. White when he's on-site or just pop into Higher Health Chiropractic anytime!

November 4, 2020